1. 23.03.24 Endless Reflections
    More reflections on software, learning, and motivation.
  2. 22.12.08 Roguelike Postmortem
    Analysis of a recent game development project.
  3. 22.08.18 The Ducks at the Park are Free
    Playing pranks on tumblr's WWW interface.
  4. 22.05.19 Smoothlife Tutorial
    A long, slightly arduous tutorial.
  5. 22.05.05 fridey night
    fridey night, I'm in love
  6. 22.04.20 The Tea of Memory
    A short story.
  7. 22.01.09 Formalism, Philosophy, and Feynman
    It helps to be informal every so often.
  8. 21.12.26 What Makes a Good Programmer?
    How to be your best self (for programmers).
  9. 21.12.21 On Inspiration
    Thoughts on inspiration and programming in general.
  10. 21.12.05 Album Review: It's Immaterial by Black Marble
    Another album review.
  11. 21.12.02 LISP Forever
    Government mainframes, Maxwell's equations, and a question left unanswered.
  12. 21.11.05 Flavors of C
    Exploring different variants of the C programming language.
  13. 21.10.17 Rust Remover
    Thoughts on making a Rust-like programming language.
  14. 21.10.02 Album Review: ABYSS by PASTEL GHOST
    An album review.
  15. 21.08.08 Digital Aesthetics
    Exploring aesthetic subcultures in the world of computer programmers.